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The All-New 2021 Mirai

Ask one of our consultants for information on the 2021 Mirai. The 2021 Mirai will make its appearance in early 2021.

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    The All-New 2021 Mirai
    will be available at your

    St-Hubert Toyota dealer early 2021.

    St-Hubert Toyota The All-New 2021 Mirai


    Fuelling the next generation.

    With the groundbreaking Mirai, you can enjoy driving knowing that the only by-product is water, which makes it a zero CO2 emission vehicle. Inspired by the Japanese word for future, Mirai lives up to its name through forward-thinking design and innovative technology. The Mirai is the future of mobility, available right now.

    St-Hubert Toyota 2021 Mirai 2021 Design.jpg


    Forward-Thinking Design

    Mirai truly lives up to its name with its state-of-the-art design and style. The innovative, aerodynamic shape features sleek lines that help it slip through the air for a quiet ride and increased efficiency. The unique black accent dividing the hood from the fenders, bold 17-inch alloy wheels, and colour-keyed front bumpers with black inserts and chrome accents offer a sporty, yet sophisticated look. These highly stylized features, along with exclusive FCEV badging, are a constant reminder that the Mirai is unlike any other sedan.

    Mirai's refined interior boasts sophisticated materials and advanced technology for an inviting and comfortable environment. The exceptionally quiet ride is thanks to acoustically treated glass that helps keep outside noises outside, while the soothing, heated front and rear SofTex®-trimmed seats and dual zone automatic climate control with Intelligent Touch provide everyone with all-season comfort.

    St-Hubert Toyota 2021 Mirai 2021 Technology


    Smart Tech To Keep You Connected

    The Smart Key System with Push Button Start allows you to lock and unlock the doors as well as start your Mirai using only your touch.

    The premium JBL® audio system and 11-speakers with Clari-FiTM Technology help to create an immersive sound experience so every drive is exceptional.

    The multimedia touch-screen display features a host of smart technologies including Safety Connect® and Destination Assist Connect® which can help provide you with peace of mind and keep you connected to the people, places and things that matter most to you.

    When parking, sonar sensors on the front and rear of the Mirai scan for walls, curbs and other objects that might be hidden from your view. Audio and visual cues are then sent to the cabin, helping to take some of the guesswork out of parking.

    St-Hubert Toyota 2021 Mirai Hydrogen Fuel Cell Electric Vehicle


    Buying Into New Energy Doesn't Mean Buying Into The Unknown.

    The Mirai's fuel cell powertrain delivers the quality, reliability, and dependability you've come to expect from Toyota in a zero CO2 emission vehicle that drives just like a regular passenger car.

    1 - The front intake grille delivers oxygen from the air to the fuel cell stack

    2 - Hydrogen travels from the high-pressure hydrogen tanks to the fuel cell stack.

    3 - In the fuel cell stack, hydrogen and oxygen combine in a chemical reaction that creates electricity to power the vehicle.

    4 - When you put your foot on the accelerator, electricity generated by the fuel cell system is sent to the motor.

    5 - The battery allows for regenerative braking and assists during high-power demands like acceleration to improve total system efficiency.

    6 - In the end, the only by-product of creating electricity with hydrogen is water which exits through the tailpipe.

    St-Hubert Toyota 2021 Mirai Safety


    Tomorrow's Safety Today

    No matter what roads you travel, Toyota is always there to help keep you as safe as possible. That's why the Mirai comes standard with the latest safety innovation. Introducing Toyota Safety SenseTM 2.0, an advanced suite of safety features that adds new technologies and capabilities designed to help protect drivers, passengers, and others who share the road from harm. That's peace of mind we can all get behind.

    Toyota Safety Sense 2.0 consists of six active safety and driver assistance systems : Pre-Collision System with Daytime/Low-Light Vehicle and Pedestrian Detection, plus Daytime Bicycle Detection, Lane Departure Alert with Steering Assist and Road Edge Detection (LDA), Automatic High Beam (AHB), Lane Trace Assist and Full Speed Range Dynamic Radar Cruise Control (DRCC).

    St-Hubert Toyota All-New 2021 Mirai


    2021 Mirai

    Coming early 2021, the totally redesigned Mirai is a major step forward for fuel cell electric vehicles, displaying a significantly greater range, improved driving performance and an elegant, sporty design.